Dr. Glory is a third-generation Chiropractor who specializes in Network Spinal Analysis. She graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in 2001 after completing her prerequisites at University of Western Ontario. Dr. Glory’s passion is to provide wellness “coaching” for all families and individuals who are looking for the ultimate experience of health and well-being through Network Spinal Analysis – a cutting edge, modern Chiropractic technique.  She also has extensive training in prenatal and pediatric protocols, and is certified in the Websters Breech-Turning  Technique through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

In her spare time, Dr. Glory   enjoys doing yoga/meditation, and is known in her family for her great cooking & baking!  She also became a mom to her daughter Sybella in November 2009 and Sullivan in August 2012 after great  home birth experiences. Throughout your life, your body constantly creates tension in response to stress; physical, chemical, emotional or mental. This tension is entirely appropriate because it helps you rise to meet life’s challenges. However, when your body holds on to this tension it becomes restrictive and no longer appropriate. These restrictions impact your life and well-being. When your body is expending energy on holding tension, other processes are diminished; much like turning down a dimmer switch, the capacity of your internal organs, your immune system,and your brain’s pathways are reduced. This limits your ability to feel vital, to tune into your intuition, creativity, needs, and internal rhythms.Long held tension patterns can also result in symptoms as diverse as: anxiety, depression, lack of energy, poor sleep, poor digestion, headaches, and back pain. Symptoms are simply your body’s way to alert you that reassessment and change are necessary.

Network Spinal Analysis provides the strategies for implementing fundamental and lasting change using specific, low-force touches along the spine. Once your body learns these strategies you are able to utilize them more an more in your daily life. The ultimate goal being the creation of a self-regulating and flexible system which enables your true nature to be expressed!

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