Bioptron Light and Meso Therapist

Szilvia began her journey into alternative therapies in Budapest Hungary where she was certified in Needleless Mesotherapy.  Her degree in Science and Cosmetology was further augmented with a Food Science Degree.  Having her interest in alternative therapies sparked, she further developed her skills by studying Reiki while attending the Faculty of CAM and Natural Healing Practices at the University of Debrecen, Hungary, and was awarded a Doctorate of Complementary and Alternative Medicines in 1999.  Her training for Salon and Medical Spa Technology Consultant was completed in Paris, France.

With her extensive European training Szilviawas sought out by Bioptron to be an educator and product consultant on the forefront in delivering Bioptron light therapy services to Canada.  Szilvia is the co-developer , author and educator of the Frequency Matrix Therapy System that combines PEMF, Bioptron Light Therapy, Sound Therapy, Meridian’s Frequency clearing, Oxygen Therapy, Hydration, Liposomal supplements and in some cases the proper Salt Halo or Hydro Therapy.  

At Nurture Szilvia caters your treatment to your needs to ensure success

She has made it her mission to provide options for improved, healthier living to others.

Specialized areas of treatment include:

  • skin disorders/concerns  including acne, cellulitis, eczema, psoriasis, dark spots
  • burn treatment and care
  • post-operative wound care  such as after surgery healing process, C-session recovery
  • wound care such as  bed sores/pressure sores (decubitus), venous ulcers, diabetic circulatory and healing concerns,
  • anti-aging treatments including skin, organs, muscle and bone – wrinkle treatment
  • aging reversals and rejuvenation in organs, muscle and bone-  osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, wrinkle, age spots

Research and studies of Photon Therapies, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy, Sound Therapies, EMF Balancing, Spinal Colleration since 2005.

We offer a wide range of programs that are unique & tailored to individual patients. 
We foster a true integrated model where our practitioners work as a team,
to provide a holistic approach to optimize patient care.
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