"Healthy family planning begins with an optimally functioning nervous system"

How Would Nerve Dysfunction or Vertebral Subluxations and Spinal Cord Tension Influence Fertility? Think of your brain as a computer. It coordinates, via your nervous system, both organ and cell function. Nerve messages can be impaired by spinal subluxations and spinal cord tension patterns which occur when there are misalignments of one or more vertebrae. This results in altered joint motion, nerve irritation and spinal cord stretching or pulling which lessens organ function and general health. In essence the body moves further and further away from homeostatic balance which challenges clear coordination of the body’s central intelligence. The nerve messages that initiate and sustain reproduction (or any vital function) may in turn be compromised. It is both the severity of the subluxation and tension patterns and the length of time it has been left uncorrected that dictates the decline in body function.

Parental health prior to conception is one of the many factors to influence a successful reproductive outcome. Restoring and or balancing the function of the reproductive organs through the removal of vertebral subluxations and spinal cord tension patterns which may have been comprimising the nerve messages that initiate and sustain reproduction, and allowing an individual body to recreate its ‘body order’ may help to optimize a woman’s ability to conceive.

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