Journey Work for Adults and Children:

The Journey for adults and children is a gentle step-by-step and relaxing road map to access and release the blockages that are preventing their physical and emotional healing. 

According to evidence based cellular research by Candace Pert (Nobel Prize nominated research and author of ‘Molecules of Emotion’), eighty-five percent of physical ailments have an emotional root cause. Our bodies react to stress and when a situation is emotionally overwhelming, our body will store the stress of the experience elsewhere in our physical system in order to cope with the situation at hand. The down side of this naturally, occurring coping mechanism is that when these stress memories are hidden away in various parts of our body that we are unaware of, the cell takes on a “shut down” effect in order to accommodate the emotional overwhelm. When the cells begin to “shut down” as a result of coping, circulation and energy flow becomes limited or blocked in the areas that are housing the emotional stress. When cells become “unexpressed” they become disassociated from communication with the rest of your body’s organs and over a period of time, this can create physical stress such as pain, anxiety, “medically undiagnosed symptoms,” sore muscles, chronic conditions, unhealthy relationship patterns, self-destructive behaviours to combat and cope with any further emotional stress that we experience.

As we continue to experience life and encounter challenging situations, the physical stress reaction becomes compounded by the emotional cellular memories being stored. This can be expressed as irrational reactions being triggered by the unknown patterns, the development of unhealthy behaviours and create mental, physical and emotional blockages or negative patterns in your life, due to the unconscious memories that are driving the behaviours or manifestations.

The purpose of the journey work is to guide individuals to find the old cellular memories of stress that is blocking them from accessing their highest potential in the present while releasing the memory at the root of the challenge. The journey process is a gentle emotional support modality that can be used to break through resistances, cut through negative mind-talk that holds you back from experiencing authentic joy in life, clear limiting patterns that are controlling your life, release phobias, pain, remedy conflicts with work or personal relationships, get to the root of any physical ailment or debilitating challenge and has been the result of thousands of types of releases around the world when there was no other hope for healing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where does this healing modality originate?

Brandon Bays is the creator of The Journey work. Her book, “The Journey” is Brandon’s inspiring story of how she healed from a stomach tumor against all odds and how she arrived at this deeply emotionally and physically freeing, healing method. The book, “Living the Journey,” is an accumulation of the healing that practitioners themselves have experienced since actively participating in Journey sessions and how it has transformed their lives. 

The Journey is a world-renowned method that is supported by the work of many international cellular researchers and is now being used in other countries in so many ways such as; in judicial systems to allow jury members to access absolute truth and reduce crime rates, for emergency support teams like paramedics, firefighters, police officers and military officials to release the emotional trauma of their everyday jobs, it is being used in schools to increase academic potential and self-confidence, to prepare surgical patients bodies to respond to surgery well in addition to increasing recovery and healing times, it is being used as an emotional and physical birthing preparation to increase smooth birthing processes, decrease transferred stress to the baby, reduce the effects of post-partum for mothers, assist with difficult life transitions, increase job potential, relieve anxiety and and so much more!

What is a Journey Process?

A Journey process is a guided introspection designed to address your specific issues, uncover the root cause of the issues that needs addressing, and help you to a complete resolution. It will take you deep within, to a place where you will be guided by your own body’s wisdom.

When you have recovered the memory that is the key to releasing your issue, you are then able to empty out all the associated emotions contained within the cells and open into a deep forgiveness. Once completely free from this memory, healing at a cellular level can begin to take place with new, healthy cellular regeneration.

How does cellular healing work?

Brandon Bays acknowledges the work of Dr Deepak Chopra who made a life study of successful survivors of illness. He found they had two things in common.

1. Survivors were able to access something beyond the mind to stimulate healing.

2. They were able to let go of memories stored at a cellular level.

Cells in the body regenerate at different speeds. In the eye they take only 48 hours, whereas cells in the liver take 6 weeks to regenerate. The question is what stops these cells from regenerating healthily? Dr. Chopra postulated that memories can be stored in the cells and can cause degenerative disease patterns to be passed on, preventing healthy new cell replication.

Dr. Candace Pert went further in her book ‘Molecules of Emotion’ which describes her Nobel Prize nominated research on how emotions affect our bodies at the cellular level. If trauma and negative emotions are not resolved, they become physically stored as a cellular memory, preventing those cells involved from playing their part in the constant chemical communication taking place within the body.

These memories not only ‘switch off’ these cells, but they then lead to emotional and physical disease years after the events originally occurred. Journey processes can enable one to let go of these memories, ‘switching on’ your cells, and enabling them to once again regenerate perfectly.

Who can benefit from Journeywork?

Anyone with an emotional or physical issue they wish to be cleared of or freed from. This may range from chronic illness to a desire to find out the truth that lies beneath emotional issues. It is for people who no longer want to be a victim, to remain in the quagmire of pain and instead want to break through into the freedom of exploring their highest potential, living life as a full expression of their truest self. The only thing one needs is the desire to be free.

What conditions can The Journey process help?

Many who have encountered The Journey with a fierce willingness and strong desire to heal have dived deeply into the core of their issues and had success with many physical illnesses and emotional issues.

People suffering with everything from a variety of diseases, behavioral problems and general emotional issues such as Low Self Esteem, Stress, Anger, Guilt, Grief, Depression, Panic Attacks, Anger, Phobias, Anxiety, Allergies, Pain, Lack of Confidence, and many others have found relief from getting to the core of and fully releasing the issues surrounding these ailments.

Will it work for me?

The Journey Processes have been known to work successfully for any many illnesses and conditions. Any complimentary work should always be done with the full permission of your medical practitioner and any medications that you are taking should not be replaced by Journey Work.

What if during the Emotional Journey I get stuck, what happens?

Journey Practitioners accredited by Brandon are skilled at many advanced techniques to support you throughout your session and release the “stuck” or blockage that is preventing you from full release. 99% of Journey clients drop into the perfect cellular release. The one percent that do not may need more sessions with a practitioner as everyone’s body releases emotions in layers, like peeling an onion and some layers just take more time to let go into the willingness and surrender to acquire absolute freedom and release.

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