Specializing in Women's Health while Nurturing a Family Focus

We are Passionate to

Excel in Clinical Service

Our immensely passionate & dedicated team is driven to improve the health & lives of our patients.

Enlighten your journey through Empowerment

To educate & empower our patients in taking charge for their health & well-being.

Be an Agent for Change

To foster a change in our health care system through advocacy & leadership.

Welcome to Nurture

I am are very excited and honoured that you are here! It’s been an amazing journey, following my dream and passion, to provide you with a specialized centre, where your health is our priority! Nurture is Burlington’s first integrative women’s health centre and I feel truly privileged and blessed to be part of an amazing team where we all share a common goal and strive to provide you with the highest quality of health care.

We are dedicated to treating a wide spectrum of women's health concerns, infertility, prenatal and postnatal care, and pediatrics just to name a few. At nurture, our goal is to inspire you about the innate potential of your health, educate and empower you so you can take charge of your own health.

I welcome you and your family to become passionate about attaining optimal health. Contact us or simply drop by the centre and start your journey of embracing, empowering, and enlightening your health!

shahnaz home page rightYours in Health & Service,

Dr. Shahnaz Chowdhury, ND

We offer a wide range of programs that are unique & tailored to individual patients. 
We foster a true integrated model where our practitioners work as a team,
to provide a holistic approach to optimize patient care.
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