• Dr. Shahnaz Chowdhury - B.Sc., M.Sc., ND

    Clinic Director - Naturopathic Doctor

    Dr. Shahnaz Chowdhury is a renowned expert in the treatment of infertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine along with Homeopathy and Botanical medicine. Her vision & goal for providing the most advanced and effective natural therapies to support patients during fertility treatments led to the emergence of a specialized centre – Halton Integrative Women’s Health Centre.

  • Szilvia Passfield - CAMD, BLTT

    Bioptron Light and Meso Therapist

    Dr. Szilvia Passfield, CAMD, CCTS, CFMTS, has added brain mapping and neurofeedback to her services. It is particularly beneficial for people with concussions, ADHD, dementia, Pandas/Pans to name a few brain disorders. Call us today to find out how brain mapping can assist you.

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